Website Strategy

"The Recruiter" - College of Geosciences website

The top priority of the College’s website is to advance the college’s mission and strategic goals, areas of distinction (research, impact), brand and message(s) to core constituents:

  1. prospective students and their families (emphasis on majors and minors, criticality of the geosciences, career paths),
  2. current students,
  3. current and future employees,
  4. donors,
  5. alumni,
  6. the university at large,
  7. the media and casual visitors.

This will be designed in a manner that is: 1) dynamic and user-friendly and (in compliance and exceeding accessibility standards), readily agile to meet the diverse and changing needs of the constituents and, 2) provides targeted and user-friendly interaction (e.g. recruitment – undergraduate, transfer graduate, prospective student inquiries, requests for information, online applications, online giving, etc.) with key constituents.

A secondary purpose is to provide information to the campus community (i.e. faculty, staff, administration, students, stakeholders, alumni, parents). This will be done in a manner that is relevant, fresh and engaging (i.e. mission centric, current information and easily navigable).

The strategic direction for and use of the website will be established and monitored by the College Communications Team. The College Web Team will oversee the production, functionality, management and deployment of the sites.

"The Braggers" - The Departments and Centers Websites

The priority purpose of a Department’s website is to feature the defining, signature research, faculty, stories and events, disciplinary applications (careers/alumni stories), initiatives, impact, and opportunities to engage for specific constituencies to advance the understanding of and appreciation for the department’s geosciencific (department specific) contributions to elevate its relevance, importance and societal impact. Recruiting students and academic information will reside exclusively within the structure.

News Site - GeoNews

The news hub and primary source of information for all target audiences and serves as the story archive for the College of Geosciences. It will be redesigned to feature custom content that is strategically placed for maximum exposure, shares, and click-throughs. The content featured is staff and student written news, features, and profiles, as well as some aggregated content and news media mentions.

Stories are written in AP style and will convey the College’s targeted messages to our internal and external audiences.

Best Cases of Study (Highest number of awards/performance ratings)


Data Sources for Demographics and Usage Trends

  • Cascade Users Group
  • mStoner
  • Ruffalo Noel Levitz
  • Eduventures Research and Advisory Services
  • CASE
  • Chegg
  • Encoura