College Events & Calendar

The College of Geosciences uses the LiveWhale TAMU shared service to host the college calendar.

College of Geosciences Calendar

Events posted to the college calendar will appear on both the College of Geosciences website homepage and thehomepage of the department or unit associated with the event.

The following items should be included in an event when submitted for posting:

  • Event title
  • Date and time
  • A short summary of the event. If the event is part of a series, the same summary can be used for all those events. The summary is what will appear with the event on the homepage of the websites.
  • Location. If the event is virtual, please make a note on the submission.
  • Zoom link, if it will be listed on the public event.
  • Contact information. All events should have a contact email listed with them, either to a staff/faculty member or a department/unit email. We will be including this on all event postings starting in spring 2021.

All events submissions and updates to events already listed should be submitted to There is a 2-5 business day turn around for these updates.

Additional information to note: all events posted on the public TAMU event calendars and TAMU websites are open to the public. Please be aware of this as events are submitted to be added to the calendar.