Proper and consistent branding is critical for every member of our team.  It is a vital strategy for establishing and affirming our credibility and high regard as a College and as an integral, valued part of Texas A&M University.

Here you will find tools, templates and formatting styles for our most requested items.  Although we have done our best to make this as comprehensive as possible, if there is something that you would like created or customized that is not listed here, please email

Brand Toolbox

Academic Recruitment Flyers

Recruiting Materials

Business Cards & Stationery

The College of Geosciences uses the standard Texas A&M University Stationery. These formats cannot be changed, altered, or re-formatted.

If you need assistance with ordering or electronically formatting the stationery to print directly from your local printer, please send an email to

COVID-19 Resources

Texas A&M University students, faculty, and staff may use the items in this toolkit to promote awareness of campus guidelines and resources related to COVID-19. Signage templates are designed to be printed and posted as needed. Signage verbiage must not be edited or changed.

View the COVID-19 Toolkit

Digital Signage

The College manages digital signage in the O&M Building and the Halbouty Building, and we can assist you with submitting digital signage images to other buildings' signage managers.

Please send all digital signage support requests and submissions to

All digital signage submissions should be 1920 pixels x 1080 pixels and brand-compliant.

Email Signatures

Brand consistency is paramount on each and every touchpoint. Email from a "" address is considered official university correspondence. Personal quotes, logos, or icons are not permitted in email signatures. Email signatures should not include images, such as JPG, PNG or SVG files – most email clients block these file formats universally. Confidentiality statements are superfluous, as any correspondence from a address is subject to open record requests. Please limit use of university or college taglines to one and hyperlink TAMU website addresses.

Option 1

Full Name (pronouns) | Title
Department, College or Unit name | Texas A&M University
ph: 979-XXX-0000 |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Geoscientists Lead The Way | #AggieGeoscientists

Option 2

Full Name (pronouns)
Department, College or Unit name | Texas A&M University
ph: 979-XXX-0000 |
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Option 3

Full Name | Title
Department, College or Unit name | Texas A&M University
ph: 979-XXX-0000 |
Pronouns: pronoun/pronoun/pronoun
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Geoscientists Lead The Way | #AggieGeoscientists


There are four primary typefaces used in the Texas A&M brand. The Aggie Brand Fonts package and directions on the proper use of each font is available on the Aggie Brand Fonts page on the Texas A&M Brand Guide.

Aggie Brand Fonts


The Texas A&M Brand Guide requires that all colleges, departments and associated units use the proper logos. The university protects its brand in a variety of ways, including working with vendors to disallow any purchases that violate the brand guide. Please help the Geosciences Communications Team follow these guidelines to protect the identity of the College of Geosciences and Texas A&M University by downloading and using the proper logos.

Our logos must not be altered in any way and should only appear in Aggie MaroonTM, black or white (see Logo Guidelines).

Before downloading a logo, please confirm what file type you need:

  • For use on printed items, documents, flyers, posters, apparel, swag, or other merchandise, use CMYK .svg files.
  • For all digital uses, such as on websites, social media, and powerpoint presentations, use RGB .jpg, .png, or .svg files.

Please send any logo inquiries to


Powerpoint Templates

A powerpoint presentation template is available for download for the College of Geosciences. It is available in both standard format and wide format.

Standard Template Wide Template

Texas A&M also provides two powerpoint presentation templates branded with the Texas A&M Brand.

Texas A&M Presentation Templates

Flyer Templates

Texas A&M Print Templates

Our team designs flyers for events, academic programs, and needs throughout the College.

Please send all flyer design requests to, and allow for a 3-week design and collaboration timeline.

Texas A&M Colors Texas A&M Design Elements

Social Media

The College of Geosciences' official hashtag is: #AggieGeoscientists

College of Geosciences Social Media Accounts

Texas A&M Social Media Templates

Texas A&M University System Social Media Guidelines (Please read!)


Please all web support requests to

Texas A&M Web Services:

For a list of College level websites and additional website information and FAQ, visit the Websites page.


Please send all writing and news support requests to

Texas A&M Voice And Writing Guidelines
Texas A&M Writing Style Dictionary

For information on news and research promotion strategy, visit the News & Research Promotion Strategy page.

Zoom Backgrounds

These University-owned images are provided for Texas A&M students, faculty, staff and former students to use to show their Aggie Spirit while using Zoom.

College of Geosciences Zoom Backgrounds

Geosciences Zoom Backgrounds with no logos - for use while wearing branded apparel

Texas A&M Zoom Background Repository