Our Impact Known To The World

Marketing & Communications

Dear Geosciences Family,

Our Impact Known to the World is the unifying initiative that weaves together our Strategic Plan. In order to achieve this initiative, we all must embrace our individual and collective roles in promoting the College of Geosciences in a consistent manner. This how-to guide provides a comprehensive branding toolbox, procedures and strategies for how to engage with the Communications Team (including links to the ticketing system), and the portfolio of projects under development by the Communications Team. Everything we achieve contributes to Our Impact Known to the World, and making Our Impact Known to the World will elevate each and every one of us.

Debbie Thomas
Dean, College of Geosciences

The mission for Marketing and Communications for the College of Geosciences is to unify, strengthen, and amplify the reputation and brand, value and impact of the College in pursuit of its unifying mission: Our Impact Known to the World.

Geosciences’ faculty, staff, and students make an incredible impact – the Marketing and Communications Team makes it known to the world.

Our award-winning team develops and executes marketing and communications strategies for high-priority initiatives and campaigns identified by the Impact Committee and the Dean of the College.

In order to most effectively achieve our mission, we are at a critical point in our trajectory – affirming our value. It is essential that all of the College of Geosciences a collection of vital departments, centers, programs and initiatives follow the established guidelines and use all of the available resources to we foster a more aligned communications and marketing plan that supports our unifying initiative, while still honoring the diversity of our complex College and University. The more consistent we are, the more strongly our message will resonate.

The Marketing and Communications Plan is designed to be updated and revised as needed to reflect the evolving University and College goals, priorities and activities.

Marketing and Communication Goals

Establish the College as a preeminent leader in the geosciences and increase awareness of and advocacy for the College of Geosciences’ research, education, and service initiatives (National and International Reputation).

  • Determine which rankings and/or metrics are important to our stakeholders
  • Implement a strategic campaign to influence rankings
  • Develop an SEO strategy to elevate Geosciences as a destination for geoscientific information and resources

Affirm the integral role of the geosciences for the fulfillment of the university’s mission.

  • Develop and elevate stories and news releases that affirm our relevance and contributions
  • Develop a high-profile event to showcase our remarkable science and contributions to the greater good
  • Strategically demonstrate the College’s relevance to the land-, sea-, space grant distinction

Promote the impact, ongoing research, and achievements, activities and recognition of our students, former students, faculty, research scientists, and staff.

  • Publish Impact News at an effective frequency
  • Increase the social media engagement and monitor analytics
  • Develop an efficient internal system for submitting news stories
  • Publish and elevate stories that align with our targeted messages
  • Follow protocols for editorial quality assurance

Support the undergraduate and graduate degree programs specifically to recruit the best and the brightest students for a diverse and inclusive student population.

  • Develop marketing strategies and campaigns that are agile and align with the most current trends in recruitment and retention for all programs – digital, print, and recruiter to student interactions
  • Scheduled content audits for websites to ensure readability for target audiences and relevance for featured content
  • Continue improvements/installations in the building(s) to foster a sense of community and to engage, inspire, entertain and educate
  • Prioritize accessibility across web and social

Elevate the effectiveness of the College’s development and engagement initiatives.

  • Orchestrate brand-affirming, and purposeful events where donors, potential donors, and vested stakeholders are present
  • Continuously elevate the profile of the Distinguished Achievement Awards and Halbouty Medal Program and the quality of recipients
  • Ensure that our development products are of the highest quality, are authentic to our College, and are effective
  • Maximize opportunities at VIP events (here and there) to represent the College and its mission in the highest possible quality of materials and representation

Ensure the College’s brand in a strategic, inspirational, and consistent manner across all channels.

  • Provide a comprehensive branding resource for faculty, staff and students on the website
  • Develop a brand guideline for internal stakeholders
  • Develop a college-wide, collaboratively developed communications plan and make available as a resource to all faculty and staff

Provide expertise and consulting in branding, communications, creative, design, editorial, marketing, planning, and promotions.

  • Develop quarterly reports of analytics and metrics for internal audiences
  • Meet with internal stakeholders for feedback and strategic alignment
  • Increase the use of the ticketing system for web/comm/IT requests, and clarify the purposes