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Building Maintenance Requests

All building emergencies (injuries, dangerous spills, floods, large-scale (multiple rooms) electrical failures…) and ALL elevator problems should be reported first to the Communications Center (845-4311) and then to the Facilities Coordinator (862-3290). 

Report non-emergency building deficiencies to the building proctor (862-3290;; O&M Rm 210D), including, but not limited to, plumbing, electrical, custodial, air conditioning, pest control, door locks, weird noises, bad smells,…  Zone Maintenance or Utilities and Energy Services personnel will handle most requests for repair or adjustment.  All university-associated maintenance personnel wear uniforms and photo I.D. 

The university’s online maintenance request system is called AggieWorks, and any employee or student can register a work request at  However, our tradition in Halbouty, O&M and CSA is for the building proctor to be the conduit for maintenance requests.  That way, s/he can keep abreast of building deficiencies and can follow up with service units if necessary. 

All requests for Telecommunications should be made through your department. 

All requests for internet or other computer service should be made through the CLGE IT HelpDesk (845-1100;

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