Health & Safety

Providing a safe and healthy environment for students and employees is a primary responsibility of the university. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is the principal authority on campus for safety and health issues. Other TAMU offices with authority over campus safety include:

Some units of the university’s contractor, Service Solutions Inc., share responsibility for campus safety.

EHS inspects all campus buildings throughout the year for:

  • Lab, fire and radiation safety
  • Fire extinguishers and alarms
  • Showers and eye washers
  • Hoist limits
  • Water quality

Infractions are reported to the space occupants (where appropriate) to the building proctors and to Zone Maintenance. Generally, they allow 45 days for redress before inspecting again. Failure to address a violation can lead to EHS shutting down a facility.

Emergency Action Plans

Download the Emergency Action Plans for our facilities:

Laboratory Safety

In addition to monitoring the campus, EHS provides instruction in a variety of laboratory and other safety-related applications. All laboratory employees are required to be certified in lab safety by EHS. This applies to everyone who works in a lab. It does not matter if you are a lab operator or a student worker; you must be certified by Texas A&M’s EHSD before you can work in a TAMU lab.

EHS now requires that lab operators produce proof (copies of certificates) that all employees in the lab have been so certified.

View EHS training courses and schedules.

Lab operators should visit the EHS site for their requirements and advice on lab management. The site also provides directions and forms for registering/decommissioning labs when a lab operator relocates.

Personal Injury While On Campus

If you are injured or witness a serious injury while on campus, notify the Communications Center (845-4311; this line is answered 24-hrs a day). COMMS will dispatch an ambulance to transport the injured party to the nearest medical facility. If the injury occurs within/near a CLGE building, next call the Facilities Coordinator at 862-3290. A written report for every injury, whether major or minor, must be filed with the university as soon as possible.

Any burn covering an area larger than the palm of your hand, or any burn that occurs around the face or head is a serious injury.

University employees may be eligible for workman’s compensation insurance and should tell health-care providers this. Non-employees are not eligible for Texas A&M System WCI.

After-Hours Campus Escort

Should you wish to use the service, the Corps of Cadets will provide a uniformed escort to walk with you from your office to your car parked on campus or to a bus stop. After 5:00pm, call the Guard Room at (979) 845-6789, to arrange for a cadet escort.