Building Access and Security 

Those personnel assigned office or lab space should obtain keys from their academic department.  All keys are to be returned to the department’s business office when you leave your position or change rooms.  Keys are numbered and assigned to YOU individually.  You are responsible for the key(s) while you are assigned the space.  Keys must be returned to the department business office when you vacate or relocate.  Do not hand over keys to the person who is moving in after you.  Return them to the business office so that you can be credited with turning them in, and they can then be reassigned to the new occupant. 

Why lock the buildings?  Aggies do not lie, cheat or steal – but others do, and have done, so the College of Geosciences has taken measures to safeguard its equipment and personnel by installing automated door locks in O&M and Halbouty, with cameras in some locations.  The cameras are to identify miscreants after the fact; they are not monitored by police

Just because the buildings are locked does not mean that you should neglect your personal safety and that of your belongings.  YOU are responsible for your own security.  Take reasonable precautions, especially after hours when fewer colleagues are in the buildings.

After-hours access to CLGE buildings is by card reader.  It is a privilege, not a right.  To obtain access permission, an employee or student must apply through his/her department.  The business administrators and academic advisors ensure that only authorized employees and students are admitted after hours. 

  • When you cardswipe into a building, do not allow strangers to slide in behind you (“coat-tailing”).  If that person has been granted access, s/he will have an I.D. card.  Don’t be swayed by a sad story; if the person is authorized to be in the building, s/he knows to bring an I.D. card
  • If you see a door propped open, for your own safety and that of others, remove the prop and ensure that the door locks securely.  Notify campus police (845-2345) if you think a crime has been committed or is in progress.
  • Do not leave valuables in plain sight; hide or secure purses or wallets, laptops, and other items worth stealing.  Before bringing personal valuables to the building (e.g., your own laptop or phone), note the make, model and serial number and leave that information at home.  The police will ask for it if the item is lost or stolen.  Without serial numbers, etc. to establish ownership, it will be difficult to return your items if they are found.
  • Lock your office door when you leave, even if for a short time.
  • Consider NOT advertising the hours you may be alone in your office.  Post your office hours in your syllabus, not on your door.  An added precaution for women employees:  If posting your name near your door, it is suggested to use “A. Smith” or “B. Jones”, instead of Anne or Barbara.  

Halbouty’s open hours are 7:00am – 7:00pm, Monday through Friday. 

O&M’s hinged front doors are open 7:00am – 6:30pm Monday through Thursday, closing at 5:30pm on Friday, during semesters.  All other doors operate on a 7:00am – 5:30pm schedule, as do the front doors during non-teaching periods. 

For special events, the doors at Halbouty and O&M can be reprogrammed with due notice to the building proctor.  “Due notice” means several days before the event. 

Security within the CIS domain, including the Teague, CSA and TAES Annex buildings, is managed by CIS.  Users must request entry via their BARS system (see the CIS homepage and follow the links).  Geography personnel assigned to CSA and Teague may obtain further details from the GEOG Dept office. 

IODP and GERG manage their own building security. 

Most campus buildings are locked over university holidays.  See the University Libraries site for their operation hours during holiday periods. 

Locked Yourself Out?

If you find you have locked yourself out of the building or your office after hours (no I.D. card, no keys), understand that campus police are not allowed to open the buildings in such circumstance, and they have no interior keys.  Memorize or keep handy the phone number of an office or lab mate.

Requesting After-Hours Room Use

Throughout the semester, and including Reading Days, most classrooms are scheduled by the Registrar between 8:00am and 5:00pm.  To reserve a classroom during that timeframe, apply to the Registrar at or 458-4950.

The building proctors manage after-hours usage of nearly all rooms within O&M and Halbouty.  Contact her/him to request a room for meetings, review sessions, or special events.