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Geography Department Committees

TAMUSMember NameMember Name2TAMU SystemMember Name3
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TAMUMember NameMember Name2
Academic Affairs Committee Andrew Klein  
Arabic Studies Minor Vatche Tchakerian  
Core Curriculum Council Andrew Klein  
Council on the Built Environment Jonathan Smith  
Faculty Senate Tony Filippi Andrew Klein
Gamma Theta Upsilon Sponsor Burak Guneralp  
Honor & Undergraduate Research Advisory Council Andrew Klein  
Melbern G. Glasscock Res. Advisory Committee Kathleen O’Reilly  
One Health Campus Council (Grand Challenge) Kathleen O'Reilly  
TAMU Press Jonathan Smith  
TCCS Executive Cmte David Cairns  
University Library Michael Bishop  

Department Head Steering Committee

David Cairns (Chair)  
CAFRT Wendy Jepson  
Institute for Sustainable Communities Executive Comminttee Wendy Jepson  
Texas Institute for Genomics and Society Executive Committee David Cairns  

CLGEMember NameMember Name2Member Name3Member Name4Member Name5
Assessment Liaison Oliver Frauenfeld        
Chairs and Professors Andrew Klein Vatche Tchakerian      
Communications Committee On Hold On Hold      
Environmental Programs Advisory Vatche Tchakerian        
Environmental Programs Director Brendan Roark        
Executive Committee David Cairns Brendan Roark      
GFAC Jonathan Smith Tony Filippi      
Graduate Currciulum Committee Kathleen O'Reilly        
Grievance Committee Tony Filippi        
IT Committee Dan Goldberg        
New Building Steering Committee David Cairns        
Scholarship Committee Wendy Patzewitsch        
Stable Isotope Geosciences Facility Brendan Roark (Chair)        
Distance Education Task Force David Cairns Andrew Klein Dan Goldberg Tony Filippi Stacey Lyle
Tenure and Promotion Jonathan Smith Wendy Jepson      
Undergraduate Currciulum Committee Andrew Klein Oliver Frauenfeld      

GeographyMember NameMember Name2Member Name3Member Name4
Assessment Committee Kathleen O'Reilly Andrew Klein Charles Lafon Oliver Frauenfeld
Awards Committee Tony Filippi Rodrigo Bombardi Wendy Jepson  
Colloquia Committee Courtney Thompson Julie Loisel    
Executive committee David Cairns Kathleen O'Reilly Andrew Klein Charles Lafon  
Graduate curriculum Committee Kathleen O'Reilly (Chair) Michael Bishop Brendan Roark Inci Guneralp
IEEF Committee Kathleen O'Reilly Andrew Klein Michael Bishop  
Tenure and Promotion Jonathan Smith (Chair) Oliver Frauenfeld Kathleen O'Reilly Chalrs Lafon
Tenure and Promotion Andrew Klein Tony Filippi Wendy Jepson Christian Brannstrom
Tenure and Promotion Vatche Tchakerian Michael Bishop Brendan Roark Inci Guneralp
Undergraduate Committee Andrew Klein (Chair) Dan Goldberg Oliver Frauenfeld Vatche Tchakerian
Undergraduate Committee Julie Loisel      
Space Committee Brendan Roark (Chair) Burak Guneralp Brent McRoberts  
Ad-hoc T&P Committee (Goldberg) Andrew Klein (Chair) Charles Lafon Tony Filippi  
Ad-hoc T&P Committee (O'Reilly) Jonathan Smith (Chair) Wendy Jepson Vatche Tchakerian  
Assistant Department Head Charles Lafon      
GEOG 213 Coordinator Inci Guneralp      
Undergraduate Geography Society Sponsor Erik Prout      
GIS Day Coordinator Dan Goldberg      
Internship Coordinator Vatche Tchakerian      
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