One-Time Merit Award Guidelines


This is a College of Geosciences guideline that supplements Texas A&M University Standard Administrative Procedure 31.01.01.M5.02 – One-Time Merit Awards.


College of Geosciences employees must be nominated by their Dean, Department Head or Director with an effective date of September 1 or March 1. However, all faculty and staff are encouraged to promote nominations of worthy individuals to their appropriate Dean, Department Head or Director. Nominations are due to the Dean’s Office by July 15th or February 9th, respectively.

All awards will be funded by department or center funding sources.

Nomination Process

  1. Complete the One-time Merit Payment Approval Form found at: st.pdf
  2. Ensure the form:
    1. documents the employee was employed by the University for at least six continuous months immediately preceding the effective date of the payment (wage employees are not eligible to receive one-time merit payment);
    2. documents that six months must have elapsed since the employee’s last merit increase;
    3. documents the employee must have demonstrated meritorious performance evidenced by a “meets expectations” or “achieves” or higher overall rating, [or equivalent language in modified performance evaluation forms approved by Human Resources], on his or her most recent performance evaluation, or has successfully completed a special project of significant importance to warrant special recognition;
    4. documents and substantiate the performance or project completion;
    5. documents the dollar amount of the award and the department/center funding source account;
    6. certify (via signature of supervisor/manager) that all requirements of the SAP (31.01.01.M5.02) have been met;
  3. Submit completed forms to the Dean’s Business Office by the dates described in the criteria section above.

Nominators may recommend an award and dollar amount consistent with the following scale:

Level 1 Outstanding

Recommended award: $1,500

Highest quality of work on a project where employee exhibited independent actions, resourcefulness, and exercised outstanding judgment; an exceptional contribution to the department or unit with long-term significance; employee is considered a peak performer by co-workers and administration.

Level 2 Significant

Recommended award: $1,000

High quality of work on a project where employee exhibited independent actions and resourcefulness; a significant accomplishment for streamlining operations in department or unit; employee is considered as a substantially above average performer.

Level 3 Notable

Recommended award: $500
High quality work of work on a project; notable contribution to the operation of the department or unit; knowledge and skill level of employee are above average.

Review Procedures

Nominations will be reviewed by the Dean. Revisions to any nominations will be discussed with the nominator and revised as necessary. All recommendations from the College of Geosciences will be forwarded to the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost for final review and approval.