Post-Tenure Review Policy

Departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, and Oceanography

Revised August 27, 2012
Approved by Dean of Faculties September 10, 2012

The Departments of Atmospheric Sciences, Geography and Oceanography conduct post-tenure review of faculty in accordance with University Rule 12.06.99.M0.01.

The specific procedure for peer evaluation in these departments is as follows:

  1. Each year the Department Head will appoint a peer review committee of three full professors to review those full professors who are due for review. Associate professors are reviewed annually by the departmental Tenure and Promotion Committees and do not need to be considered here. Faculty who are subject to review cannot serve on the committee. One committee member may be from outside the department.
  2. Faculty being reviewed will provide the review committee with a current curriculum vitae and a summary of teaching, research, and service activities during the preceding six-year period (three pages or less, single-spaced).
  3. The committee will review the submitted materials and prepare a written evaluation of the individual’s activities for the Department Head, providing an evaluation rating in each of the three review categories and an overall evaluation. The standards for the individual and overall performance ratings follow the criteria established in the Annual Review Policy.
  4. If evaluations in all of the review categories are satisfactory or better, the individual will be subject to peer review again in six years’ time.
  5. If the committee’s review indicates that the Faculty Member has fallen below performance norms, the Department Head will initiate a professional development plan with the assistance of the peer review committee to help the Faculty Member return to satisfactory performance in the deficient category(ies). The Dean will be notified if a professional development plan is necessary. The Faculty Member will be re-evaluated annually by the review committee to ensure that the peer-coordinated professional development plan has been satisfactorily accomplished. In the event that the review remains unsatisfactory after three years, the review committee shall recommend appropriate corrective action to the Department Head.
  6. For the initial review, all full professors appointed before 2006 will be peer evaluated within three years. After this, the review schedule will follow the 6- year rule with some staggering to avoid large reviewing loads in any one year. Administrative appointees who step down from their positions (e.g. Deans, Associate Deans, Department Heads, etc.) and return to their respective home departments, will be subject to Post-Tenure Review in 6 years’ time to allow time for re-adjustment to full academic duties and responsibilities.

After receiving the Dean’s ratification of the above Post-Tenure Review Procedure, the departments will present it to their respective faculties for final comments and approval.