New Faculty Start-Up Funds Policy

Adopted by CLGE Executive Committee effective July 2005


Faculty members are evaluated on their respective contributions in the areas of teaching, research, and service. New faculty members hired into the College will come from diverse backgrounds and may be provided with start-up funds to assist them in establishing their respective research program at TAMU. Start-up funds for new faculty members will be requested and allocated on a case-by-case basis and start-up packages will normally be negotiated as part of the regular new faculty recruitment process. In general, start-up fund costs will be shared between the Vice President for Research (VPR) Office, the College, and the respective department.


The offering of start-up fund packages to any faculty members within the College will be in accordance with all pertinent System and University policies and procedures.

Dean of Faculties Faculty Hiring Procedures

Start-Up Requests

The Department Head will normally negotiate potential start-up funds with a respective candidate in consultation with the Dean. The Department Head will make a recommendation to the Dean including discussion of salary, space, and start-up needs. No start-up funds offer will be made without the Dean’s approval. A New Faculty Start-Up Request Form must be completed for all faculty offers with start-up funds. The form must be reviewed and approved by the Department Head, Dean, and Vice President for Research before the contractual offer may be made.

Expenditure Guidelines

Start-up funds will be subject to the following expenditure guidelines:

  1. All start-up funds must be fully expended no later than three years from effective hire date.
  2. All unexpended funds at the end of the third year will be returned to the College.
  3. Start-up funds may be used for graduate assistant salaries, but may not be used for post- doctoral research associate salaries.
  4. Start-up funds may be used for a maximum of one month of summer salary per year for the respective faculty member in years two and three.
  5. Start-up fund commitments, allocations, and expenditures will be monitored within the respective department and by the College. Unallowable expenditures will be the responsibility of the department.
  6. Any exceptions to these guidelines must be approved by the Dean.

Modification of Policy and Procedures

This procedure will be reviewed on a periodic basis and modified as deemed necessary by the Dean. The Dean’s Office will communicate all changes to the respective units.