Faculty Hiring Procedures

Adopted by CLGE Executive Committee effective November 2004

updated April 2008


The College of Geosciences employs tenured, tenure-track and non-tenured faculty to meet its respective responsibilities in teaching, research, service, and other missions of the College and University. To ensure consistency and compliance with pertinent System and University policies and rules, the College has established this standard operating procedure for faculty hires. College units that desire to hire a tenured or tenure-track faculty member must seek and obtain permission from the Dean prior to the commencement of any recruitment activities. Faculty searches will be conducted in such a manner as to promote a full and diverse candidate pool, to evaluate applicants consistently and fairly, and to successfully offer and employ top-notch faculty in accordance with strategic priorities of the Department, College, and University.


The recruitment and hiring of all faculty positions within the College will be in accordance with all pertinent System and University policies and procedures including the appropriate delegation of authority matrices for human resource administration and contract administration.

University Rule 12.99.99.M1 Faculty Recruitment Procedures

President’s Delegation of Authority for Contract Administration (Faculty Employment Agreements)

President’s Delegation of Authority for Human Resource Administration

Dean of Faculties Faculty Hiring Procedures

Procedures for Recruitment and Hire of Tenured or Tenure-Track Faculty

  1. The Department Head shall apply for permission to hire a faculty member by submitting a fully completed E&G Staff Plan Request form. Justification for position should be consistent with unit and college strategic plan priorities.
  2. Upon Dean’s approval of the Staff Plan Request form, Department Head will submit a proposed search committee for the Dean’s approval. With the Dean’s approval, the Search Committee will convene and begin the formal search process.
  3. The Search Committee Chair shall submit for the Dean’s approval the proposed position advertisement and proposed advertising/recruitment plan.
  4. Following the search committee’s initial review of applicants, the Search Committee Chair will certify the applicant pool by compiling and providing the following package of information to the Dean:
    1. copy of ad(s) and placement dates and locations
    2. report on other efforts to recruit applicants, including online lists and letters
    3. report on total number in applicant pool
    4. report on specific efforts to ensure diverse candidate pool
    5. report on gender and ethnicity of candidates
    6. acceptable candidates in order of preference
    7. curriculum vitae and recommendation letters for top three candidates
  5. With the Dean’s approval of the applicant pool, the Search Committee will schedule interviews with at least three candidates with interview schedules to include, at a mandatory minimum: a formal well-advertised seminar, a meeting with students, and a meeting with the Dean.
  6. The Search Committee Chair will present the final slate of candidates to the Department and make the case for each candidate.
  7. All tenured and tenure-track faculty within the respective unit will vote on the respective candidates by secret ballot.
  8. The Search Committee Chair will record the faculty vote and report on the vote to the Faculty and the Dean.
  9. The Department Head will make a recommendation to the Dean including discussion of salary, space, and start-up needs. If start-up funds are being requested from the Vice President for Research (VPR), a New Faculty Start-Up Request must be submitted to the VPR.
  10. With approval of the Dean and an approved New Faculty Start-Up Request, the Department Head will contact the candidate(s) by telephone to make a provisional offer of the position. This verbal provisional offer will be followed with a letter from the Department Head outlining responsibilities and duties of the position and the specific details of the provisional offer (salary, etc).
  11. With preliminary acceptance by the candidate, the Dean will send a formal offer letter, Tenure Agreement form, Verification of Degree Release form, Selective Service form (if male), and Felony Conviction Notification Form to the successful candidate.
  12. The Department will compile and submit a new faculty hire package (as outlined in the Dean of Faculties Faculty Hiring Procedures) to the Dean for forwarding to the Dean of Faculties.

Procedures for Hire of Temporary or Non-Tenure Track Faculty

The process for hiring temporary or non-tenure track faculty is an abbreviated version of the above steps.

  1. The Department Head will assess teaching needs for his/her respective unit and determine if temporary faculty appointments are necessary to fulfill anticipated teaching loads.
  2. If College financial assistance is needed, the Department Head will submit a written request to the Associate Dean for Academics providing a full justification for request.
  3. The formalized search process is not normally utilized for temporary faculty hires.
  4. The Department will compile and submit a new non-tenure faculty hire package consisting of the following documents to the Dean for forwarding to the Dean of Faculties:
    1. Approval of Offer form
    2. Non-tenure Agreement form
    3. Verification of Degree Release form
    4. Copy of offer letter
    5. Copy of curriculum vita

Record Retention

Each respective department shall maintain faculty search and new hire documentation in accordance with state and university records retention requirements.