Concur Help

Setting Up Concur Profile

Before you use CONCUR for the first time, you must update and save your profile. You must save your profile before you first attempt to book a trip.

If you are a travel arranger for someone else, you will go to the travel tab and select “Arrangers” under the tab. The dropdown will appear and select the profile that you want to edit from the You are Administering Travel For dropdown menu.

Change your Time Zone, Date Format, or Language

  1. On the top right corner of page, click Profile.

  2. On the Profile submenu, click Profile Settings.

  3. On the Profile Settings page, update the appropriate information, and then click Save.


Update Your Personal Information

  1. On the My Concur page, click Profile on the menu at the top of the page.

  2. On the Profile submenu, click Personal Information.

  3. On the My Profile page, update the appropriate information, and then click Save.

Additional Information:

You must complete all fields marked Required (in orange) to save your profile.

Verify that the first and last name fields match the ID used at the airport.

If you cannot edit these fields, contact your travel agency or travel manager to make changes.

The country you select in the work address fields will determine the default map that appears on the Concur Travel Map tab.

There are several Save buttons on the profile page. You only need to save once as every Save button saves the entire profile.

Complete these sections of your travel profile:

  • Name & Airport Security - Confirm that your name is identical to those on the photo identification that you will be presenting at the airport. If not identical, update this information.
  • Company Information – Confirm Company information is correct.
  • Home Address - optional
  • Work Address - Company Name will always be Texas A&M University System and Work Address should be your department’s Mail Stop.
  • Contact Information – 3 Required Fields: Work Phone #, Home Phone # and Email Address
  • Emergency contact - This is what will be used if there is an emergency while the traveler is in travel status.
  • Travel Preferences – optional
  • TSA Secure Flight – gender and date of birth are required.
  • Assistants and Travel Arrangers – Please add your BA and the GeoTravel team as delegates. There is a drop down list that includes all employees of the participating system members. Travel Assistants can make travel arrangements for the traveler.
  • Credit Cards - will need to enter the credit card numbers, billing address and expiration date of any that will be used to pay for travel booked in Concur.

Follow instructions below for adding a card:

  1. Select “Add a card”
  2. “Display name” is what you want to call your card in the system. Ex: “Personal Visa Card” or “University Travel Card”
  3. Enter your name as it appears on your card
  4. Choose what type of card you are entering (Visa, MasterCard, etc...)
  5. Enter the full 16 digit account number with no dashes
  6. Enter the expiration month and year
  7. Enter the billing address for the card. For the billing address of your University Travel Card us your department’s Mail Stop address.

Adding Delegates & Travel Assistants

This will allow the GeoTravel Team to assist with and view your expense reports.

  1. Log into
  2. Select Concur from the SSO menu.
  3. Once Concur is open, click on the "Profile" tab.
  4. Select Profile Settings
  5. Select "Expense Delegates" from the profile options listed on the left side of the screen
  6. Click on the blue "Add" button under the delegates tab
  7. Search for and add individuals for GEO Travel and your Department Staff listed below.
  8. Select the Duties as shown below
  9. Finish by clicking the blue "Save" button

*Example of how it should look

Setting Up Email Preferences

  1. Log in to Concur from SSO.
  2. Select the Profile tab.
  3. Select Expense Preferences. This is where you can specify when you want to receive email notifications.
  4. Once you have checked your desired preferences, click Save.