Scholarship Accounting Services (GEOSAS) provides support to units that have scholarships, fellowships, tuition payments, or other student aid. Email with any questions.

Students that have not paid in full or made arrangements through an installment plan for the balance on their student account will be dropped for non-payment on the 17th class day.

Departmental Scholarship Payment Processing

The department Scholarship/Fellowship Committee provides the names of scholarship and fellowship recipients to the DBA. The DBA provides all of the information via Laserfiche submission for GEOSAS to enter in the SPARTA System.

  • Scholarships – Normally for undergraduate students and received at the beginning of each semester.

  • Fellowships – Normally for graduate students and received each month.

  • Deadlines for entering scholarships/fellowships:

    • Fall – July 1

    • Spring – November 1

    • Summer – May 1

If a student is a “Sponsored Student” additional steps are required that will be handled by

Email GEOSAS if you have any questions regarding the posting of any scholarship requests or other questions. GEOSAS will be your point of contact for the scholarship/fellowship request and will work with Student Business Services (SBS) as needed.

Departmental Tuition Payment Processing

Departments are required to pay tuition for PhD students that are funded as a Graduate Assistant Teaching(GAT)orGraduateAssistantNon-Teaching(GANT). PrincipleInvestigators(PI)arerequiredtopay tuitionforPhDstudentsthatarefundedasaGraduateAssistantResearch(GAR). ThePImaypaytuitionfor MS students if their grant allows and may pay fees for both PhD and MS students if their grants allow.

  • The DBA provides all of the information via Laserfiche submission.

  • GEOSAS posts the tuition payments in Compass using (TWAPMTS) at the beginning of each semester until approximately the 12th class day. In most instances the payment posts to the student’s account on the next business day. Students must be enrolled in 9 hours for Fall/Spring Semesters and 3 or 6 for Summer Semester(s) – 3 hours if funded in Summer Session 1 or 2 and 6 hours if funded in both Summer Sessions 1 and 2 or 10-week.

  • After the 12th class day TWAPMTS closes and any late submissions are processed via the SBS Third Party IDT Form. GEOSAS will complete this form and submit to SBS for further processing and copy DBA on email. The payment should post to the student’s account in 2 – 5 business days.

    • The payment for the student’s tuition payment is posted to TAMU accounts approximately 20 days after the close of the TWAPMTS, or 1 - 3 business days after the Third Party IDT Form is posted to the student’s account.

    • To cancel or remove a previously submitted Graduate Tuition Payment Request, email your DBA and include the student(s) name, UIN, and reason for the cancellation/removal. The DBA will forward the information to GEOSAS for processing using the Third Party IDT Form.

    • Students must be on payroll to receive a tuition waiver that will be processed at the same time the tuition and/or fees are processed. If their PI is only paying tuition and/or fees, they will not receive a waiver through this process.

Email your DBA if you have questions regarding the posting of any tuition payment requests. Your DBA will be your point of contact for the tuition request via the graduate student contract and will work with GEOSAS and SBS as needed.

Students should email (include their name, UIN and department) if they have questions regarding payments to their Student Business Accounts for either tuition/fees or scholarship/fellowship. GEOSAS will follow-up with their request and respond to their email.