Geosciences Business Manual

GEOBUSINESS is here to help meet your daily business needs as quickly as possible. GEOBUSINESS can help you with tasks like:

  • Hiring a new employee
  • Making a purchase
  • Answering questions about travel
  • Requesting a financial or payroll report


Geosciences Business Services is the business operations for the academic areas within the College of Geosciences, serving all academic units and the dean’s office.


GEOBUSINESS consists of five teams that work together to perform all major business functions:

Budgets, Balances, and Reporting (GEOFIN)

GEOFIN creates budgets and reports for the departments. GEOFIN performs the following functions:

  • Reconciling all Texas A&M University accounts
  • Preparing budget and commitment reports
  • Coordinating annual fiscal year closing activities
  • Drafting new fiscal year plans
  • Assisting units with preparation of annual budgets
  • Initiating, processing, and tracking departmental budget requests and commitments Providing pertinent data reporting

Human Resources and Payroll (GEOPR)

GEOPR serves as the first point of contact on human resource (HR) issues and payroll processing. GEOPR performs the following functions:

  • Assisting with position description (PD) updates, reclassifications and promotions, new employee onboarding, termination processes, and employee relations
  • Addressing leave and time issues
  • Coordinating employee training
  • Reviewing and finalizing monthly and biweekly payroll, as well as processing any supplemental pay, communication allowances, payroll corrections, or increases and changes to employee salary or wages

Accounts Payable and Payment Cards (GEOAP)

GEOAP provides support on accounting issues. GEOAP performs the following functions:

  • Processing accounts payable transactions, such as invoice payments, payment card reallocations, and reductions to expense

Scholarship Accounting Services (GEOSAS)

GEOSAS provides support to units that have scholarships, fellowships, tuition payments, or other student aid. GEOSAS performs the following functions:

  • Conducting monthly reconciliations
  • Reviewing and approving certain AggieBuy, Concur, and other transactions
  • Resolving discrepancies and processing corrections
  • Coordinating fund requests and transfers
  • Assisting with federal and state reporting and other reporting as needed
  • Processing graduate tuition payments with Student Business Services
  • Reviewing scholarships to be posted through Scholarships and Financial Aid to ensure that appropriate accounts and fund codes are used and to ensure sufficient funding

Travel and International Support (GEOTRAVEL)

GEOTRAVEL works with all GEOBUSINESS departments on their employee travel needs, including the review of travel requests and expense reports. GEOTRAVEL performs the following functions:

  • Supporting the Study Abroad Programs Office on faculty-led program accounting needs and other GEOBUSINESS departments on group travel coordination and accounting as needed
  • Handling the financial activities of Texas A&M’s Soltis Center for Research and Education in Costa Rica
  • Working closely with other international Texas A&M offices in Italy and Mexico on financial issues
  • Assisting traveler’s with creating their travel reports in Concur

Contact Information

To reach the person best able to answer your question, first determine which GEOBUSINESS team it should be addressed to. A description of the five teams is listed in the What Is GEOBUSINESS? section. Then you can email that team directly. Each team has a specialized team email address.

Team Email

Finance Budgets, Balances, & Reporting

Human Resources & Payroll

Accounts Payable & Payment Cards

Scholarship Accounting Services

Sponsored Contracts & Agreements

Contact your specific DBA

Travel & International Support


GEOBUSINESS is comprised of all academic departments and their respective business staff. The college’s primary business functions have a college department that is responsible for a function(s).

Function Responsible Department Email Phone Location
Finance Budgets, Balances, & Reporting CLGE Business Office

210 Eller O&M Bldg

Human Resources & Payroll

Atmospheric Sciences

(979) 845-7671

1204 Eller O&M Bldg

Accounts Payable & Payment Cards


(979) 845-7211

1204 Eller O&M Bldg

Scholarship Accounting Services

Geology & Geophysics

(979) 845-6401

108C Halbouty

Sponsored Contracts & Agreements

Contact your DBA

See contact list on GEOBUSINESS website, also listed on page 6

Travel & International Support


(979) 845-7141

810 Eller O&M Bldg

Who Is My Departmental Business Administrator (DBA)? 

Atmospheric Sciences

Theresa Morrison

(979) 862-2812


Carria Collins

(979) 458-0395

Geology & Geophysics

Cathy Bruton

Lisa Reichert

(979) 845-2400

(979) 845-2453


Debbie Odstrcil

(979) 845-7212

College of Geosciences

Barbara Bayer

Michele Beal

(979) 862-1146

(979) 458-3963